Why business need I.T. department?
An I.T. department is required for these areas of technology to provide value to the business, because maintenance tasks must be performed by technically competent staff.
  • End-User Technical Support
  • Desktop Management
  • Network Management
  • Voice and Data Communications
  • Business Applications
  • Strategic Technology Planning
  • Project Management
Besides using technology efficiently, an I.T. department will also provide a business with lower costs, higher productivity and higher efficiency in other areas. The I.T. department does this by:
Minimizing over 85% of Downtime
  Avoids losing revenues
Lost sales from customers being unable to make purchases
  Decreases costs
Payroll for employees being idle
Paying a technician to fix the problem
  Increases productivity because employees will spend less time idle
Providing a single point of contact for technology issues
  • Increases efficiency by assuring that persons handling technology issues are knowledgeable in the area
  • Increases productivity by allowing employees to focus on core competencies rather than technology issues
Technology Planning
  • Reduces risk of financial, technological and data losses caused by disasters
  • Increases return on investment (ROI) and business value realized from technology projects
  • Improves equipment efficiency with planned maintenance activities

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